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Bob Perry Book Signing

by | Nov 19, 2021

This was a great week! Bob Perry is such a class act and wonderful person to visit with. As part of the “Sail Away” package Bob agreed to sign a full set of construction drawings and one of his new books. This will be a treasure for whomever purchases King’s Pride! 

Bob’s current design studio is in his home in NW Washington only about 1 hour from the Marine Technology Center. It’s always a lovely drive and was great to have a little drive time to reflect on the project. Once again, it’s great to be part of the maritime industry in our area and the support of so many that want to see the school continue to grow and train more technicians.


Art and I spent better than an hour with Bob, what a treasure. Thanks Bob

Bob’s design room is some inviting and is full of 1/2 models of many of his legendary designs