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Bob Perry Vistit

by | Jun 24, 2020 | 0 comments

Bob Perry & Mike looking at plans
Always a treat! Bob Perry, who designed our Westsail 39′ “King’s Pride” stopped by for a visit. He brought a complete set of plans and shared the story about the project.  Bob spent close to an hour going over construction details, tour the boat, giving us ideas and more. The boat was ‘owner completed’ for the interior so we sorted out was varies from the original design.

There were only a handful of these design’s every built. The tooling was sold when Westsail went out of business to a guy in California who took them to S.E. Asia and built boats of this design called the Fairweather Mariner” Looking around on the internet, you can find them for sale, and I like what they did with the interior.

Bob let us film the entire visit, so you can check it out on YouTube

Bob Perry was hired to improve the performance of the Westsail. Back in the 1980’s this was a very modern design and still works very well.

Mike & Bob Perry inside boat

Bob says the engine cover / galley sink is too large. The boat will be better with a smaller, modern engine and smaller sink to match. We’ll take his expert advice.

There are a lot of Westsail owner’s out there. I’m looking forward to chatting with them!

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