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Engine Room Investigations, For Women with Jen Haaland

December 9, 2017

Cruisers college will help you understand your diesel engine and the equipment you rely on. It’s often overwhelming when trying to figure out all that happens in an engine space, but Jen will help you understand the many, different things in the engine space….


Offshore Cruising Seminar


April 7, 2018

Worldwide cruisers and instructors, John and Amanda Neal, will be joining the 2018 Cruisers College program with their well regarded Offshore Cruising Seminar. Additional courses on rigging, electrical, and diesel to make this a great 3 day event…..

Photo: Tor Johnson

Sailboat Rigging & Maintenance with Andy Schwenk

December 9, 2017

Every sailor can learn new tips and techniques like reducing friction, ways to ascend the rig, backstay adjusters, top down furling for spinnaker, preventers, offshore gear…..

Using New Technology for Navigation & Cruising with Mark Bunzel


December 10, 2017


During the past few years, we have seen new marine electronics (and Apps) take a quantum leap in offering new capabilities often at reasonable prices.…..

Taking care of the fiberglass boat with Jeff Paxson

December 9, 2017

Cruisers College knows if you are a fiberglass boat owner, you know that the cost of maintenance and keeping your vessel looking good is not getting any cheaper…….

Electrical Systems Investigations, for Women with Jen Haaland


December 09, 2017


Cruisers college has a course for women that will help you better understand your vessel’s electrical systems…..

Pacific Northwest Heating Solutions with Woody Wentworth

December 10, 2017

Cruisers College wants you to discover the secret of year-round cruising comfort – warm cabins and hot water all year! Get rid of the damp cushions and……

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