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Engine Room Investigations, For Women with Jen Haaland

February 11, 2018

Cruisers college will help you understand your diesel engine and the equipment you rely on. It’s often overwhelming when trying to figure out all that happens in an engine space, but Jen will help you understand the many, different things in the engine space….


Offshore Cruising Seminar


April 7, 2018

Worldwide cruisers and instructors, John and Amanda Neal, will be joining the 2018 Cruisers College program with their well regarded Offshore Cruising Seminar. Additional courses on rigging, electrical, and diesel to make this a great 3 day event…..

Photo: Tor Johnson

Marine Communications

February 10, 2018

If you have a VHF radio, you should attend this course. Marine communications is more than just talking on your Marine VHF radio. There are methods for long range marine communications and short range marine communications. This course will also discuss Internet and weather communications methods. Most importantly the course will cover the best ways to get help in an emergency….

Electrical Systems Investigations, for Women with Jen Haaland


February 11, 2018


Cruisers college has a course for women that will help you better understand your vessel’s electrical systems…..

SSB Radios: ICOM M802 Operation

February 10, 2018

High Frequency Single Side band (HF SSB)is an excellent tool for anyone heading out of the United States or especially for off shore cruising. With HF SSB you can make long range radio calls, make marine phone calls, send and receive emails, get weather faxes, obtain Grib files, and even obtain Satellite pictures of the weathe…..

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