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Solar Power & Refrigeration


October 14, 2017


We all love our creature comforts and nothing transforms a boat from a ‘weekend camper’ to an extended ‘comfy cruiser’ quite like a refrigerator/freezer. When properly designed and installed you should enjoy 15-20 years of…

Marine Communications


October 15, 2017


Communications is more than just talking on your Marine VHF radio. There are methods for long range marine communications and short range marine communications. This course will also discuss

Outboard Motor Service, Repair & Maintenance


October 15, 2017


The ins and outs of your outboard engine during this 3 hour class. Nearly every cruising boat has an outboard powered dinghy. These motors have been around for a long time and are very…

Single Side Band Radios: ICOM M802 Operation


October 15, 2017


High Frequency Single Side band (HF SSB )is an excellent tool for anyone heading out of the United States or especially for off shore cruising. With HF SSB you can make long range radio calls…

2-Day Marine Weather with Lee Chesneau


November 4, 2017


Designed for a vast range of seafarers—inexperienced recreational sailboat cruisers & experienced racers, to power boaters, commercial fisherpeople & seasoned…

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