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Engine Removal

by | Aug 21, 2020 | 0 comments

We have great news, King’s Pride is ready for student work. Our teaching/Learning platform isn’t completely ready, but we’ve made solid progress. So far we have:
  • Removed the sanitation system
  • Off-loaded lots of junk / pressure washed the deck
  • Removed the engine cover/galley
  • Cut off the propeller shaft
  •  & Today we pulled out the old Volvo!

Art had previously done the prep work by unhooked wiring, controls, and fuel systems. The he cut off the propeller shaft because the coupling was never going to come off or the connecting bolts – it was just a ball of rust! He then set up some cribbing and moved it forward onto some blocking, so it only took us about an hour to get it out.

Next we will make a mock-up of prospective new engines and see how they will fit. On a project this size, we have literally 100’s of decisions to make!

old coupling, rusty

Having the proper equipment really helps!

Rusty shaft coupling

This set-up was terrible – no way to service the packing… Which leaked and caused massive corrosion!

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